You Can Now Experience The Hamilton Musical… In Roblox

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, has collaborated with Roblox to create the Hamilton Simulator. As the name suggests, you can play through the musical while recruiting characters such as James Madison, Phillip Hamilton, and many more to help you fight against the British and create America.

Based on what was shown in the trailer, each character will have their own set of stats separated into different color grades such as Mythical, Legendary, Rare, and Common. For example, the founding father without a father, Alexander Hamilton, would be considered a Mythical character and have a DPS of 5.00K. In contrast, others, such as James Madison, are Common and have a DPS of 2.50K.

Once you’ve gathered your team of musical freedom fighters, you can take them into battle, which consists of you and your team standing around and singing your opponents to death. The Hamilton Simulator was created by Super League x Hamilton. According to their description page, you’ll be able to battle through eight locations and unlock 15 companions who all have unique attacks. It’ll also feature a soundtrack/locations from the musical, no Robuxs are needed to play, and more updates will be added soon.

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Source: Gamespot