Bethesda Announces Orion Streaming Service

As part of Bethesda’s E3 press conference it announced a new streaming service called Orion that it promises will deliver 4K, 60 FPS gameplay without “perceptible latency”. Bethesda demonstrated Orion’s streaming capabilities by showing someone off-stage playing Doom on an Orion-enabled mobile device which looked like it was performing well.

Want to take part in our upcoming free Tech Test for Orion? Join the official DOOM fan club at for a chance to play #DOOM streamed to your mobile device. More details to follow in the coming weeks. #BE3
— Bethesda (@bethesda) June 10, 2019

In terms of pricing or how the service will be integrated, Bethesda didn’t offer many details, but it did say that it will be running some free beta tests to those who are signed up for Doom Slayers Club and encouraged players to register for tonight in order to be able to participate.

Source: Gameinformer