Bethesda Outlines 2019 Plans For Fallout 76

The troubled Fallout 76 launch has kept Bethesda busy trying to stabilize the game and fix glaring issues in the months after launch, but the company is confident enough in its bug-fixing progress at this point to reveal its 2019 content roadmap. 

The first major content beat, Wild Appalachia, drops this spring and includes two new questlines, C.A.M.P. decorating, brewing and distilling, a Fasnacht Parade seasonal event, and a Survival game mode for PvP players. 

The second drop, Nuclear Winter, comes in the summer. Go figure. Nuclear Winter is a new way to play the game that completely changes the rules of the Wasteland. Details are scarce about how exactly this changes the game; expect Bethesda to address this in the coming months. You can also look forward to raids on Vault 96 and Vault 94, plus a new prestige system that bestows legendary status on high-ranked players. 

We know very little about the Wastelanders other than it’s coming this fall and it has a new questline, new factions, and some new features. Read the entire roadmap here.

Source: Gameinformer