How To Find Hitman's Most Useful Disguises

The key to a good offense is a good defense, and the best way to defend yourself while playing the Hitman games is to identify and utilize a level’s many disguises. However, there are a lot of disguises in any one level, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Starting out, it can be hard to know which outfit will grant you the access you need to get closer to your target(s).

Luckily for you, we’ve put an absurd amount of time into Hitman 3, poking at its levels, experimenting with different disguises, and learning which make assassinating targets the easiest. Though this list is far from comprehensive, we collected a few different outfits that will help you navigate some of Hitman’s trickier levels.

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Hitman 3’s first level can be one of its most daunting – if only due to the sheer verticality of the setting. When you begin your mission in the Scepter skyscraper, your targets, Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram, will be on separate floors above the publicly available areas. Getting up close to them is relatively easy by using two costumes.

The first costume, the event security disguise, can be accessed quickly from the start of the level. Go up the stairs where the Scepter is being christened, take the stairs to your left up to the bar area, then take the stairs above that to the entrance of the art exhibit. A guard will be monitoring the area, and you might notice his path briefly aligns with a behind-the-wall off-limits area. When he’s not looking, quickly slip behind the wall and hide. Once the guard’s route takes him back to where you’re now hiding, subdue him, dump his body, and take his disguise. This costume will grant you quick and easy access to Marcus Stuyvesant, who can often be found around the exhibit area.

The Event Security disguise will not allow you access to the penthouse, where you can find Carl Ingram, but getting there isn’t a real problem. See the video above for how to do it. Once you’re up the stairs to the penthouse area, you’ll need to take out a guard and a maintenance worker, but they’re both easy to sneak up on and take down. Take the penthouse guard disguise and you’ll find you can get right up to Carl Ingram without a problem – as long as you avoid the few guards who can see through your disguise.

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At this point, you’ve likely heard about Hitman 3’s Dartmoor murder-mystery level. And for good reason – it’s great. If you’ve somehow missed the message, here’s what you need to know. At the beginning of the level, you’ll come across a private investigator named Phineas Whitmer who has been hired to investigate the murder of the brother of your target, Alexa Carlisle. Put simply: You want Whitmer’s clothes as soon as you can get them. Luckily, getting them is a breeze. As he makes his way up to the house, he comes across a small bridge before the main entrance. Hide yourself in the adjacent bushes and lure him over to you. Subdue, conceal, disguise.

What makes the Whitmer outfit so great is, A: It grants you nearly unlimited access to all areas of the level, with no one that can identify you (just make sure you ditch any illegal weapons you have before entering the manor). This means you can get within inches of Carlisle with no problem at all. And B: It opens up the murder mystery, which is a novel way to experience a Hitman level. Whitmer, thank you for your service.

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In the Mendoza level, again, you have two targets: Don Yates and Tamara Vidal. There are two different disguises in this level that open a variety of unique ways to take out your target. The first is Yates’ fixer, Corvo Black.

To find Black, walk past the dance area of the party and into the fermentation room, where he’ll be talking to a security guard who tells Black he needs to accompany Vidal and Diane Burnwood on a tour of the wine making facility. Black can be tricky, as he’s one of the only NPCs in the party area that can identify who Agent 47 really is, so make sure you stay out of his line of sight. Wait for him to end his conversation, then as he begins to walk away, follow him and wait for him to finish his phone call with Yates. When he hangs up, Black will walk to a secluded-enough area to have a cigarette. Throwing a distraction item, such as a coin, into the planter he’s beside will send him right to his doom. Quickly subdue Black, make sure his body is concealed, and then take his outfit to begin the tour. There will be numerous different opportunities to assassinate Vidal as you walk around the facility, and the tour even opens a few other level missions that are worth seeing through. 

For a less up-close approach, the Gaucho disguise is one of the best in Mendoza and opens up two different ways to take out your targets with a high-powered sniper. A quick way to get this disguise is to hop the railing in the parking area right beyond the level entrance. There are a lot of guards here, but they’re easy to avoid by hugging the left-hand wall. Slip through the office near the back and make your way to the garden with all the purple flowers, being careful to avoid the patrol. Once there, you’ll see two guards talking near a truck. Go over to them and wait for them to end their conversation.

You might notice some watermelons on a table here – those will be important. After the two guards direct the sniper high above you to shoot one of the watermelons, they’re easy to take out. Do this, take their earpiece, and now you have a direct line of communication with that same sniper. The sniper won’t take care of Yates, but he will eliminate Vidal for you if you give the order. Go find Vidal, take a picture of her, send it to the sniper, and done.

Conversely, if you want to try out the sniper for yourself, simply use your new Gaucho disguise to make your way up to the perch where the two guards are keeping a look out. Take them out, steal their gun, and you have a quick and easy way to take out both targets from a distance.

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Look, I realize this is a list about Hitman 3 levels, but Hitman 2’s Miami level is the best in the entire trilogy, and I want to write about it. Deal with it.

The quickest and easiest way to bypass a lot of issues in the Miami race level is to disguise yourself as one of the pink flamingo mascots. Right at the beginning of the level, turn left and take the stairs below ground. Going this way will allow you to bypass the front entrance and the mandatory frisking, which means you can hold on to your guns. Once on the other side of the below ground area, take a hard right until you see a parking garage. Shoot the camera above (always do this in Hitman, by the way!) go into the garage and you’ll see someone wearing the flamingo outfit. You can take him out here and steal his costume, or you can get his car keys back for him and take him out as he goes to his car. Either way, this will unlock a story mission that will get you facetime with your target Sierra Knox, and more importantly, a quick and easy way into the level’s VIP section. It’s not perfect, there will still be plenty of places you cannot go, but the flamingo disguise is the quickest way to get you started toward your targets in Miami.

Source: Gameinformer