New Footage And Close Alpha Revealed For Nioh 2

Click here to watch embedded media We haven’t heard much about Nioh 2 since its announcement at last year’s E3, so it was a pleasant surprise to see Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja release new footage of its highly anticipated sequel today. This is our first big look at the gameplay, which shows plenty of quick dodging, cool special moves, and larger-than-life bosses. Oh yeah, and expect to see a lot of a bloodshed, but that’s a given at this point. 

Alongside the trailer, which you can watch in full above, Team Ninja also announced a Closed Alpha via Twitter to gather feedback. It starts on 5/24 and goes through 6/2, but details are scarce on how to get in on it as the tweet says only “some PS4 users” will be invited. You can read the full tweet below.

The original Nioh turned heads for its punishing difficulty alongside its fast and fluid combat. Our own Dan Tack said in his review: “Nioh will break you down (and note this clearly, this is an uncompromising game that does not mind crushing your dreams) before it lifts you up, but you soon crave the thrill of mastering a new weapon or toppling a titanic boss.” 

Source: Gameinformer