New Gameplay Today – Diablo IV's Sorceress

Click here to watch embedded media A few days ago, we showed off Diablo IV’s barbarian, highlighting what the big bruiser brings to the battlefield. What if you prefer something a bit more civilized than smashing things around at melee range? Well, have we got a sorceress for you! In today’s NGT, we focus on the returning magic-using class, showing off her elemental prowess.

The sorceress wields fire, lightning, and cold-based attacks, just like her Diablo II counterpart. She’s a solid pick for people who want to hang back and pick enemies apart at range, though some of her abilities let her get up close, too. Check it out!

Click here to watch embedded media

Enjoy the video, and we’ll be back on Friday with more gameplay from Diablo IV, this time showing off Blizzard’s surprising new take on the Druid class. Otherwise, click the banner below to check out other content within our Blizzard Issue:

Source: Gameinformer